1. 2 smaller manuscripts
  2. The Two Volumes
  3. A Third Volume

2 smaller manuscripts

Apart from the 2 volumes we have today, there are two smaller manuscripts linked to the Campbells of Nether Lorn which provide us some with valuable information.

The first of these contains one single tune entitled "Earl of Braedalbin's Gathering" on paper watermarked 1779. Possibly Colin Campbell made this as a special presentation copy when the son of his deceased employer, Campbell of Carwhin, was appointed Earl of Braedalbane.

The second smaller manuscript is a transcription made by Angus MacKay containing 4 tunes he copied from Colin Campbell. Although the tunes are in the exact same order as they appear in volume 2, MacKay's transcript contains a different numbering. This may point to a larger collection of tunes made by the Campbell's from which they composed their volumes.