1. Introduction
  2. Why is singing more important than the written music
  3. How do teachers know what to sing to their pupils
  4. What is the Campbell Canntaireachd
  5. Other forms of Canntaireachd
  6. An example of a tune


Piobaireachd is a music which is transmitted orally from teacher to pupil - and for hundreds of years this was the only way to learn the music, until it began to be written down on the 5-line stave in the 19th century.

Although many pipers learn their tunes form a musical score nowadays, this is no substitute for the teacher singing the tune to his/her pupil. All good teachers do sing to their pupils, and this document explains the reasons for this, and gives some examples. The word "Canntaireachd" means "singing" in Gaelic, but rather than this general definition, for pipers it has come to mean the singing of Piobaireachd.